Portfolio of Work in Progress from two projects,the first conceived and initiated during the current MA module 'Surfaces & Strategies". The second a continuation of one conceived and started during the previous module.

Please note that all of the images and video presented were shot between the 17th June and the 16th August, 2018.


Reflections on the Self; self-portraits around the home and elsewhere

Distinctively Different: images for selected Croydon Shopkeepers in their very different shop environments


Distinctively Different videos: a selection of four video piece's shot as part of the Croydon shopkeepers project

All were produced 50fps HD (1080p) format, videos are hosted on the Vimeo sharing platform.

Whether to play the background sounds I leave the viewer to decide.

Crossing the road and entering La Zaris Art Gallery & Hairdressers for a collaborative photoshoot with Kish Soobramaney, 12th July, 2018

Walking alond London Road to enter the Shadi Bakery, passing Adam before meeting the proprietor, Salal Hama-Raspidy

21st July, 2018

Walking Northwards along South End road to enter The Audio Centre (Croydon) where the co-proprietor Alfonso Camisotti is busy repairing an HiFi.

23rd July, 2018

Walking Southwards along london Road to enter see Sarah sat sewing, passing the door to her hairdressing Salon Morning Star Hair & Beauty.

21st July, 2018