These are from a variety of shoots exploring possible approached using both reflected and direct photographic self-portraiture.

These are images from a project that was for about three months the Final Major Project (FMP) of my MA studies before I decided to extend the work previously exhibited at ‘Distinctively Different to the ‘Enterprising Croydon‘ portfolio exhibited in central Croydon April.

Initially using only reflected images I finished with a couple of studio sessions. This is a more detailed insight than I normally give of my approach, and for me it’s an unusual subject.

‘Sefie’,a self-portrait created in response to a request by the Module leader at the end of the last MA module for ‘selfies’ of everyone.

The image in the vertically oriented monitor behind me was captured a minute or so earlier whilst I was setting up the camera and tripod. Graham Land, 24th August, 2018. Left it in shot as it gives an additional perspective.

Images from my August 2018 portfolio review - taken between June and August, 2018.

Reflected self-portrait image with a framed early Victorian map of Japan. Taken on the 23rd October, 2018.

Self-portrait images taken on a train - with and without reflection - taken in two separate October shoots (2018).

Images from two separate shoots taken on a stopping train to London Bridge. Some shots were taken with supplementary lighting from a speedlight. Strong sunlight proved a problem. These are the better images.

Reflected self-portrait using a stone sculpture outside London’s City Hall, Queens Walk, London - Taken in October, 2018

Reflected in a window of London’s City Hall - October, 2018

Reflected in a public Information display on Queens Walk, London - October, 2018

Simply looking up at face in a cafe- October, 2018

Close-up self portrait using a 500mm f/8 reflex lens - October, 2018

The camera was brought gradually closer until it was close to it’s minimum focusing distance. At f/8 that’s a very narrow depth of field.

Images of self, curtains and outside reflected in an Heron print - 30th October, 2018

Images of self, reflected in toaster (kitchen) - November, 2018

Images of Self, reflected in chrome wash-basin of an hotel bathroom (Ternes, Paris - November, 2018)

Images of self reflected in escape plan of hotelm room (Ternes, Paris - November, 2018)

Images of Self reflected in framed print in an hotel room (Ternes, Paris - November, 2018)

Images of self in a studio using strobe lighting and a variety of lenses (Maan Studio, Streatham, London - November, 2018)

Examination of self, largely with strobe lighting and an 85mm and macro lens (Studio Photo Gallery, Bermondsey - November, 2018)