Project log – Week 8 of Informing Contexts; 17th March to 23rd March, 2018

I began the week attending the Photography Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. As well as a number of interesting talks in their Pro session, I was able to meet again the now famous photographer David Hurn when he showed a group of us around his swaps exhibition that is part of the show. Apart from the quietness of his voice in that noise venue he gave us an excellent briefing.

I was able to get a good deal on a very nice Rollei carbon fibre tripod, much lighter than the one I currently use, a better head too. On the negative side I’m increasingly questioning the use of a screen for the head-shots. I’m not sure this would be easy to set-up in a strange location and could unduly limit the time available for photography.

Later in the week I was able to get the agreement of Alfonso, who runs an intriguing HiFi repair business from a shop on the South side of central Croydon, and Jonathan who has a music shop in what I now realise is one of the oldest buildings in Croydon. It looks Tudor because it is! I also hadn’t realised there was actually a separate custom flute manufacture and repair business run by an ex-music college mate of his, Ian, in the back of the building. They’ve been working together for over thirty years at this same location. I was able to do a few quick shots with my small half-frame Fuji X-T20, will be coming back with my full kit in the next week or so. Exciting, there’s not that much time left…