Project log – Week 4 of Informing Contexts; 17th February to 23rd February, 2018

The Falmouth Workshop proved to be excellent. As well as various weekend experience events we had the opportunity to schedule with a number of staff and external visiting reviewers a 1 to 1 or group review of our portfolios. While these weren’t as positive as some of the kind remarks I’d had from my peers in a photo-swap event the previous day, the comments were all constructive.

Two major suggestions were made to me for my ongoing project. One was to use a medium or large format film camera, with tripod, as part of my shoot. Suggested by several people that this could be in addition to the environmental images that I’ve been capturing of my collaborators in their workplace and should be more of an headshot. Using the best image from each for my portfolio. It was also suggested that I will benefit from being made to slow down. The other suggestion, by Jonathan Simms, Head of Fashion Photography at Falmouth, was to use a 4×5 plate camera with wet  collodion plates.

I’m strongly tempted to go with the first suggestion, but not as convinced by the second. I have seen wet collodion work published and understand what makes it different from digital or film, but it seems quite a jump to do as I proceed though what is proving to be a very content-rich module with masses of reading. I’ve also no idea how difficult it is to do, though I suspect with my chartered chemist background it is doable.