Week 24 of FMP Project: The End? (27th April - 3rd May, 2019)

I originally wasn’t going to write this post as it’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows me what I will have been doing in this period. i.e. Not going out much, staying up late, starting early, All in an attempt to write up work that should have been written days, weeks or months before. Which was certainly the case over the last week.

But this is what I have to live with, I seem to want to have something to worry about..

So I’ll close with my thanks to my peers and mentors, those who’ve put up with a worried Graham at a number of times during the last two years. I was far from certain I’d reach this stage. My wife for the rather unsocial behavior I adopt close to deadline time. Does it have to be this way he asks?

In terms of the challenge to my previous practice I set myself on starting pretty much a success. A few drawbacks such as I’m now really critical of my own work, i know too much of the work of others. The number of cameras I have has doubled since I started, I didn’t plan to include medium and large format film in my kit.

On the positive side I’m looking forward to fully taking in all I’ve been exposed to and utilizing this insight in a good way. The future looks good regardless of mark. Happy to recommend others to take an MA course of study, just don’t assume it will be without difficulty..

Graham Land

11:52 - 3/5/19