Week 23 of FMP: The Exhibition (1st - 7th April)

Whilst not as frenzied as last week, it did start busy. I’d uploaded the final images on the for A1 and A2 printing to Metro-Imaging, who’d done an exceptional turn-round for my last week.. Again, the prints were available the same day, picking them up late afternoon from their place in Clerkenwell.

However, I wasn’t happy with a number of the portrait images and a couple of the landscape 4 x 3 format prints of Max (Cockneys of Croydon) and Carrie and Nick of Ludoqist. The print quality was fine, they just didn’t seem big enough relative to some of the others. So I decided to go for a larger size, ordering some additional holders from POS UK, the company that distributes them in this country. In a couple of cases, Max and Paul and Reg, I decided to change the choice of crop for the final print. In one case i went further. The blue of the image of Kish was a bit glaring, and the personality portrayed wasn’t has accurate as tht in an earlier image. So I went back to that one for the final print,.

Having uploaded a further order of A1 and A0 width prints on Monday evening I was able to pick up the A1 prints Tuesday, However, the two A0 width prints take 48 hours to process and these weren’t available until laste Wednesday evening, So I set up the exhibition on the Wednesday with their A1 width equivalent as a temporary stop-gap, replacing these before the exhibition opened at 11am on the Thursday.

On the day of the hanging I managed to get my car parked in a public car park on the rook, I knew it was near but I was shortly delighted to find their first floor fire excape came out on the same roof,, very helpful aas I’d brought two light stands and large LED lights to illuminate the poster corner. The lights would be off on that side of the room to allow the projected image to be clearly viewed..

It took until 3pm to setup.One factor I hadn;’t figured in sufficinetly was the time to cut the prints to size on one of the big tables in the Artists area downstairs. This took a little longer than I’d expected as care was needed. In the end I was ready, apart from my two A0 prints to collect. As a stopgap I placed the A1 sized prints I’d already printed up, just in case. However, Metro-imaging hadn’t let me down and they were their to pick up at 5.30pm and bring home for replacing the A1 version before the exhibition opened.

These were the images printed for the final hang, their width is indicated.

Note that four of the images, those ‘linking’ one wall to another, were positioned at an angle. This was relatively easy to do placing the nylon clips that the grip was attached to along the aluminum holders for the polystyrene tiles of the suspended ceiling, The effect was better than I’d hoped. If you stood in the centre of the area and scanned around almost all of the subjects seemed to be staring back, a ver effective was to strengthen intimacy and contact. Everyone I asked liked it.

Here is a bit more detail on how the prints and grip were attached to the suspended ceiling.And this is how they were hung. The first row of six prints were hung alongside the top (West) wall, left to right. The middle .row of three prints were hung on the right-hand side (South) wall. The bottom row of five were hung alongside and to the side of the stair-wall. See approximate position below:

I decided to position the projector close to the stairs facing the East Wall. The wall was in better condition and their wasn’t the ceiling height problem that the unused large display boards caused at the South end of that section of the space. The printouts I’d created from Kake’s material and my photographs of Croydon in 1911-13 that I’d taken with the permission of Croydon Central Library’s. Research Centre were positioned much as planned. These were entitled as follows:

I also included the following map that i created myself to show the position of my collaborator’s properties along the central retail road running through Croydon:

Here are some images of the hanging.

One issue that was never resolved was that I wasn’t that happy with the condition of the walls, not as pristine white as one would like. My excuse for not addressing this myself was that as there was a large group exhibition in front of mine, and the whole area was closed from Sunday to Tuesday, I’d need to use the first day to set things up, squeezing in the taking-down on the Saturday, the last day of my tenure.