Week 20 of FMP: Further project progress - Getting there (11th – 17th March)

The week started poorly with a couple of unsuccessful trips to Croydon. Now had a clear no from one Indian Jeweller/Money changer i’d approached. That will be the end of my new recruitment. On the plus side have a fully confirmed shoot on the Thursday with my final FMP collaborator, Francois of The Byte cafe/TMRW. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Francois yet, all of the arranging has been done via someone else, but looking good.On the positive side I have an interview now scheduled with Ian, the expert flute repairer of Headjoint for next week, and one with Max,the gentleman who founder and proprietor of Cockneys of Croydon

I’ve been mulling about the idea of returning to Falmouth for a couple of days to develop whatever 5x4 film I’ve accumulated at that point, and as importantly conduct a high resolution scan of all of them using one of the excellent Hasselblad X-1 disk scanners that the Photographic Institute possesses. To use a London facility will be both expensive and may come wit too long a turn-round. There’s also the possibility the results will not be so good. As I mentioned in my last blog I’m no longer going to consider colour printing as a route. I’ve had now had two training events and the last was even more unsuccessful and tme consuming than the first. Colour matching alone seems quite a challenge for me. I could pay for someone at photofusion or elsewhere to do it, this would be expensive and I’m now well aware time-consuming. I also want to be able to say that I did it myself..

Carl Nielsen of Rockbottom with his dog Megan, Graham Land, 2019

This was indeed an intensive week. The interview with Max went well. Here’s a link to that recording. The photoshoot with Max was a little intense, I was trying to do to much in the one hour available, and I soon realised in a much larger and varied establishment than any of my other locations. The Byte Cafe wasn’t too bad, apart from a lot of bright lights in the background, but through the door to the TMRW side of the operation and it was like walking into a warehouse. A very modern and well equipped office area, hosting quite a number of business start-up folk. See the walk-in video to get an idea of what was involved.

It didn’t stop there either. I had a very successful 5x4 shoot with Carl at 3pm that day.. We included his dog Meg for one or two shots, see the result, the dog moved with the quiet click of the lens. I was to conduct an interview with Carl but he’d had some issues going on that would have made it very difficult, so we agreed to postpone to a later day.

Final shoot of the day was an interview and 5x4 session with Kish, a lot further up the London Road. This also went well. Or so I thought. One camera I was using for the video wasn’t plumbed in properly. Here a view with the part of the set-up that worked..