Easter Break of FMP: The Exhibition extended and beyond (8th - 26th April)

As I’d mentioned I’d been surprised to be offered the opportunity for the exhibition to run for a further week, which in this case meant it would be open from the 10th to the 13th April. This meant a new set of publicity had to be printed, and distributed. The period would be slightly longer, as the exhibition was set up the Wednesday would be available for viewing.

In Design created poster for distribution in A4 and A5 sizes. Graham Land, April, 2019

The following amended flyer was distributed. Due to time constraints this time I printed only one version: I also made it as clear asI could that the first floor entrance best avoided, directing folk to the ground floor.

The other change was that I changed my projection display for that of a large screen laptop. I wouldn’t be able to be there all of the time and as the area is otherwise unattended it seemed wiser to provide the view of the video in this form. The interviews would not be available when I wasn’t there, but given most people to stay that long thi was I felt a minor loss.

The means for them to contact me for additional background if needed was made prominent.

There were more visitors from the general public during the extended period, and as in the previous week all of the comments were very positive.

I allowed myself a bit more time to take the hanging down on the Saturday. Which went smoothly, though it did start a little later than I’d planned as the last visitor appeared just before 4pm.

In conclusion I found hosting the exhibition very rewarding and fulfilling. My main regret was not finding a more effective way to encourage people to listen to the interviews. In hindsight I should have tried to get multiple monitors and set these up in the area that I didn’t use. However, as.the project will not end with the conclusion of my MA studies and part of the further development will be creating a more effective means of communicating the interview material.