Week 19 of FMP: The Falmouth 2019 Face to Face Workshop-Symposium, plus my first large format colour negs 5x4 (3rd - 10th March)

I travelled down tp Falmouth the day before it started, as well as the exposed negatives from the three 5x4 shoots conducted the week before i also brough the camera itself. decided that more practice was in order, especially as I’d the opportunity to quickly develop and scan the images captured. Whether there was time to do this could be questioned, but eh.

A rain-swept Falmouth taken from a B&B window, taken by Graham Land on his mobile phone on arrival

5th March, 2019

I arrived early and immediately started putting the negatives through the appropriate film negative processing machine. Having made sure first I remembered the procedure correctly.

I missed the morning workshop activities as I had a 1-2-1 booked with my course tutor, who would be at the University until later in the week. A quiet part of the ground floor corridor in the Photography Institute seemed suitable, though I picked up later a degree of surprised comment by a number of my cohort peers who’d passed by and seen us in conversation. So maybe not ideal.

The review went reasonably well. I’d sent a link earlier to see a copy of the interviews, the Buddhist Centre walk-in video and a selection of the digital shots taken, I was able to report that the film had come out, though whether the results were as good as those already taken digitally I had yet to find out.