Week 17 of FMP: Preparation (18th – 24th February)

Project-wise this was a week of regaining relationships with the aim to secure large format (5x4) colour portraits and five minute interviews. In certain cases I also wanted to attempt to improve my  existing imagery. I was able to arrange a number of shoots .

Many of my collaborators were busier that they had been last year. Getting collaborators agreement to a set time in advance was not possible in a number of cases. I’d have to ring them up and catch them at an opportune time. I’m also assessing the area for potential new collaborators. I’ve tried two so far with no success. I’ve made the decision to go back to my old project, but it’s not proving that easy to persuade my existing collaborators to do some further shoots. All approached to date very busy, and a couple are out of the country.

The week started with an interesting photo-events called Photoscratch. These are almost monthly meetings generally held on a Monday where attendees have the opportunity to review a number of documentary projects, give feedback and meet the photographer. The organiser’s try to select people who have ongoing projects in various stages of completeness who would appreciate feedback on their work and guidance on how and to whom it might be presented.

As usual this was at a café not far from Elephant and Castle, not the easiest venue to get to from Croydon public transport-wise. Worthwhile though. As usual there were five presenters. I’ve included a link to their websites. I wasn’t able to be there long but these was some unusually good work.

Rita Alvarez www.tudelaphotography.com

Tee Byford www.tearlach.co.uk

Julie Meresse www.juliemeresse.com

Hassan Nezamian www.hassannezamian.com

Marie Smith www.marieesmith.com

Alexandra Waespi www.alexandrawaespi.com

As I think I’ve mentioned in earlier posts the organisers don’t accept projects that are supporting academic study. Sad.

Otherwise the week was a difficult one, interfered with by a bug I’d picked up somewhere. Ongoing negativity slightly lifted by a chat with a few of my cohort peers. Further lifted by popping in to the Library of London College of Fashion to return some books (it’s more convenient) and found they had quite an interesting hang for a group exhibition called Mundo LatinX they had on. Gave my some ideas. Here’s a few of the shots I took at the time.:

I liked the way the subject in the hanging portrait took on greater physicality and meaning. To be remembered.


Mundo Latin-X exhibition, Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion.8th February - 4th May, 2010