Week 8 of FMP: Last few days in Paris and returning with a cold (10th - 16th Nov., 2018)

Self-Portrait with an escape plan, Graham Land, 2018

My second visit to Paris PhotoFair, just as crowded as before, amazingly big space under the dome. I think I’ve now seen, beifly every single stall. Seems better quality on the whole that Photo London was back in May. Curious when I guess many galleries would have been at both. The last day, Sunday, was pretty much a disaster. I had no problem in the morning checking out of my hotel and getting to drop my case off in left luggage at the Gare d’Nord station for the return to London that evening. But then made the fatal error of heading back to Charles de’Gaulles etoilles. Security for the Armistice day massive, and I placed myself the wrong side of it. Ended up walking round almost the whole security cordon in order to get to the visit to the Dorothy Lange exhibition at the Jeu de Paume. In the end I gave up trying to get to that area of Paris and went to the ‘On Air’ exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo by Tomas Saraceno, quite a showman. Large spiders webs abounded, certainly different.

Came back to the UK to experience the start of what was one of the nastiest colds I’ve ever had. I’ll be mentioning it again i’m sure. A little too much walking the cold Paris streets perhaps.

The photographic week started with a web presentation by Clementine Scheideman that I couldn’t function well during it, just feeling too ill. Missed what would probably have been a a quite interesting photo scratch review event the same evening. My cold intervened.I did manage to take part in the group critique with Stella Baraklianou, the self-portraiture images were well recieved. A few suggestions on names to pursue.