Week 11 of FMP: Shockwave (1st - 7th Dec. 2018)

A very mixed week. Started with a degree of disappointment. I attended Photofusion’s one day colour darkroom course on the Sunday. This did not go easily. Just getting the exposure right for the colour took simply ages. May not have been helped by the age of the negative I was using mind, but enjoy it I did not.

The next difficulty was a 1-2-1 with my course tutor, my last of the year. I’d prepared a selection of my images from the two shoots, were not received well. ‘Lack of narrative’. Somewhat in a quandary, suggested that I go back to my Croydon Shopkeepers project. Seems much more positive about me doing that. Will have to think about what to do next, time is moving on.

Rita Rodner discussing the Dichotomies exhibition set-up, Graham Land, 2018

The week finished more pleasantly with a visit to Birmingham to see rita, a peer in the cohort in front of me, with her ‘On Dichotomies’ exhibition. A bit out of the way, though walking distance from Birmingham central, you do need to be sure your’re walking the right path. In what was once a very industrial area, close to a canal. very good exhibition most impressed ho they’ve turned out, especially as I’m told they were finalised at very short notice. My turn next, I just wonder what it will be on.

I’ve put together a selection from the two shoots with a number of those from earlier in this project. See selfportrait-experimental