Week -2; The break before the Final Major Project (FMP)

The exhibition is now concluded, taken down at the end of the closing day. The Landings 2018 web-page will continue to be posted until Falmouth University’s Flexible Photography MA’s collection; ‘The Landings 2019’ take place next year. The project itself will continue to be built on, and though to decision has yet been made it will probably not be the basis of my final project. More on this in the next two posts.

Thw beginning of the week was mainly concerned with non-photographic activity. I did go to a reasonably interesting talk by a photographer called Louis Quail at a meeting of the Lenses of Croydon group that I’m associated with. The talk was largely about his ‘Big Brother project. A project on life with his schizophrenic older brother which culminated in a book of the same name published earlier this year by Dewi Lewis.

The focus of his talk was much more on various aspects of his brother’s life with this condition with some critical observations on how social/healthcare services have handled his brother’s care, with certain insights into his brother’s interactions with others. He captured all of the images in this challenging project with a medium format film camera.

He finished with reference to an earlier project on the aftermath of the Afghan War from the perspective of British military families and a little on his more commercial work for various UK magazines.

My photographic interest resumed on the Friday when I had my first experience of shooting video at a live music event. One of the shopkeepers of my ‘Distinctively Different project has a ‘tribute’ band called Staten Quo, playing some of the music of the 60’s rock band Status Quo amongst others. My collaborator looks not a little like Rick Parfitt, a brilliant guitarist/song-writer and member of the original group, now deceased. He had kindly participated in one of my video pieces for the Distinctively Different’ project and later had asked me if I’d be willing to be commissioned to do a shoot at one of their gigs.

I did warn that I had no experience at all in this area, but he was keen for me to do it so I agreed. All adds to experience. Their gig was in a large hall space in Sutton, a few miles from Croydon. I shot video with both my Nikon D810 DSLR, mounted high on a tripod behind the audience, with the main material being shot on my much lighter Fuji T20 using the same gimbal stabilizer i used for my Croydon project shoots.

The main difference was that as I had plent of space, unlike the project where I sometimes had to cope with a crowded pavement and was generally opening doors I used a two handle mount accessory. This was critical in allowing me to carry the video rig for the two plus hours of shooting required. The results of this I have to report on later. The footage is still to be edited as I don’t yet have access to the audio recording tracks that were made by the sound-mixer for the gig. A quick visual look indicates there’s plenty of content to work with.

I will post a link from this post when the material becomes available.

My other photographic activity was visits to a couple of the London Fashion week venues over the weekend and the following Monday. My first day was largely portrait shots of various visitors though I did manage to conduct a couple of collaboration shoots during the day. These are some of the better examples of the images captured on the first day I attended.

More on this in my next posting; I did get the opportunity for the first time to join a number of other photographer’s in ‘the pit’ at the end of the catwalk for several of Fashion Scout’s SS19 shows at their Free Masons Hall venue.