Week -3; The break before commencing work on the Final Project

This week was largely occupied with the ‘Distinctly Different’ exhibition. Some minor adjustments were made after the opening night. As well as an A3+ sheet outlining the collaborators names and shop address in terms of a numbered hung image an additional sheet was added giving the photographic details of each shot.

This was possible need was identified as certain folk from my local Croydon camera club asking me about such detail. Copies of these explanatory sheets are shown below. Note that The image number 11 in the actual hang was on the adjacent short corner-wall. just above these two A3 sheets. In this schematic it’sroughly in the place that the TV showing the video pieces was situated.

I belatedly recognized that in setting the times and duration I hadn’t questioned whether the owner would always be present. In practice I had to spend quite a few hours over a number of days there. The lesson was that a shorted duration would have been a much more effective use of my time. I’d previously thought three days was a bit short for an exhibition. I now recognize that if it involves a significant degree of commitment to ensure that the venue is always staffed a short-duration has a lot going for it. I assumed much about the owners time there and should have checked on the detail.

I did manage to squeeze in a photoshoot with a street fashion collaborator that will be leaving to go home to her native Nigeria later in the month. We tried using my the stabiliser to shoot some video of her in a reasonably attractive street-cafe location in Clapham Common. It seemed to go reasonably well for a first-time activity. Planning exactly what we would do ahead for the movement helped reduce the number of takes. An example of what is probably the best of the three takes is shown below:

Photoshoot with Liz Okereke - 2nd take of getting up from table and walking between chairs

Sound was left out, that is one aspect of my video that needs greater understanding and probably more kit.

Launch of ‘Portrait of Britain’ book, taken facing the entrance to the ‘Import’ building, London E14 (home of the BJP)

Towards the end of the week I had an invitation to the Hoxton mini-Press book launch of the ‘Portrait of Britain’, a book formed of the 200 shortlisted and final images from the British Journal of Photography’s (BJP) annual competition, now in it’s third year. Held at the BJP’s offices in a distinctly modern part of East London over 70% of the photographers who’s images are in the book were present at this crowded event.

Whilst I didn’t get a chance to speak to all of the shortlisted photographer’s present that I know, I did get a chance to renew my acquaintance with several, plus a number of other’s I’d never met before.Altogether I had a number of very interesting conversations, getting some quite useful background on other portrait photographer’s approach and interests.

The highlight of my evening was grabbing the opportunity to take quite a reasonable portrait of a fellow photographer, Emmanuel Cole, in a dark corridor of the BJP building. For some reason the fact it was taken hand-held under tricky lighting in the BJP’s building really amused me, especially as it resulted in one on my best totally untouched images.

The photographer Emmanuel Cole

So the week ended well.