Week 7 of FMP; The Falmouth University's Paris workshop and my first visit to Paris Photo 2018 (3rd - 9th Nov.)

The week began with a reasonably interesting wet of member presentations at Photofusion, the Brixton based photographic facility I’ve recently joined in order to conduct some printing of film enlargements.

On the Tuesday I conducted another ‘at home’ photoshoot, this time producing a reflective image of myself in a device I use very regularly. a kitchen toaster. I’m getting increasingly fussy and it took a while to get a set of shots that I was happy with. Here are the better images of this set:

The next day was a reasonably early start to get to St. Pancreas for a journey on the Paris Eurostar. The start of five days in Paris that had distinctly positive and negative aspects.

Before I leave commenting on this busy period I’d like to give a short review of a Falmouth University Photography Hub presentation by David Chancellor that I was able to take part in. He’s very involved in African anti-hunting campaigns and the photography of animals. Not really my area of interest. But he has produced a film called hunters that attracted my interest. The shots he used were much more human-environmental and the way the film was put together with the soundtrack really worked. See https://www.davidchancellor.com/works/hunters/

Does sound quite difficult photography, lots of walking-stalking on the African plains, not so different to street photography in some ways.